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Our sister organizations, Plan Administrators, Inc and Trustinus Benefits, Inc , Inc have always been on the cutting edge of employee benefits and are considered a leader in developing new concepts and products for their clients. As a result, Tacoma Industrial Trust was designed and created to provide affordable and comprehensive employee benefits for small to medium size employers. We received federal authorization for the Trust as one of the first unilateral, multi-employer, ERISA trusts in the State of Washington. Plan Administrators, Inc. was and is used to administer the Trust and consolidate billings for Trust members, forward all payments to the various insurance companies for reconciliation and coordinate all other necessary services.

One area Plan Administrators, Inc. is particularly proud of is our work with school districts and their associated bargaining units. We have helped many school districts in lowering premiums, increasing benefits and obtaining claims information. This has resulted in the districts having much better control of their benefit plans.

We also constructed a “family of HMOs” to allow employers to offer their employees all of the HMOs in a state with each HMO offering a high and a low option. Plan Administrators, Inc. administered this program.

We were one of the first consulting and administrative firms in the country to bring self-funding (self-insurance) to the benefits table. This gave our clients another avenue with which to provide high quality programs for their employees. Also, we recently developed software to allow employers to pay their own dental and vision claims. This then allows the employers to bypass insurance companies, third party administrators, brokers and agents. This guarantees that more benefit dollars go to claims or savings instead of administration.

Plan Administrators, Inc. believes service is paramount to the smooth operation of employee benefit plans. We strive to not only provide service to the employer but also to all of the employees and families. Our goal is to address all questions or issues by either employer or employee as soon as possible and bring the answer or resolution back to them immediately. We are here to serve our clients.


Our goal is to provide you with more insurance for the same money or the same insurance for less money while offering quality service and creative benefit design.

Plan Administrators, Inc. administrates, educates, and communicates through simplicity, hard work, creativity and dedication to our clients.

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